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Custom Titanium Wedding Bands South Africa

Do you want your engagement ring to stand out, to be uniquely you?

We understand that buying a ring is a very personal and meaningful experience, which is why we want to make it a memorable one. This is the reason we aspire to provide you with the opportunity to make your own ring, designed exclusively for you.

In addition to our exciting new ranges that we have developed, we can offer you the opportunity to make your ring truly unique. With our expertise of 25 years of manufacturing titanium rings we have developed the skills and knowledge to make unique designs. Your ring will be manufactured in a workshop with highly skilled jewellers. The designing procedure is a step by step process and our design experts will help you through the process.

We can also offer you the option of personalization your ring by engraving your initials or love quotes or any specific date of significance inside the ring.



These rings are available from our workshop where our master craftsman and his team are busy creating new ranges on an ongoing basis. Contact us for details on pricing. Likewise, watch this space and our social media pages for news of other new and exciting jewellery ranges to come.

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Outside Fingerprint Ring
outside fingerprint ring
Inside Fingerprint Ring
inside fingerprint ring