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25 years ago Ti Jewellery Manufacturers was one of the first jewellery workshops that started experimenting with the use of titanium as a metal in the manufacturing of jewellery.

Due to its hardness, titanium jewellery is manufactured using a very different process to that other metals. Our jewellery is manufactured in a workshop of highly skilled jewellers using the latest machinery and equipment. We adhere to stringently excellent levels of the quality of our jewellery.  Over time, we have gained the expertise in the production of titanium rings which has enabled us to create new and exciting ranges.

We pride ourselves in quality of our customer services.

Our ranges are extensive and we are continually developing new and exciting ranges. Our expertise also lies in custom designing rings. Please contact us should you have a unique design in mind so that we can help you design the ring of your dreams.


Titanium comes from the Greek word Titans, the mythological “first sons of the Earth.”

Titanium is the ninth most abundant metal in Earth’s crust

Titanium resists corrosion and is particularly strong and lightweight.  It’s as strong as steel, but only 45% the weight

Titanium is an ideal metal for jewellery simply because it will never tarnish, and it is 100% compatible with the human body, not producing allergic reactions, skin irritations or discoloration of any sort, making it the ideal metal for those with sensitive skin.

Titanium is a lustrous metal that be finished with a polished silver colour or matt gun metal grey.

Titanium, with its unique appearance and superior qualities allows for the creation of distinctive and inspiring rings. Combinations of titanium and wood, silver, gold, ertalyte gives our customers the opportunity to design an innovative and exclusive ring.


Our titanium rings are made with a comfort fit. This means that the inside of the band is slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit on your finger. The comfort-fit is especially recommended for men, the ring slides over the knuckle easier when putting on or removing a wedding band, and the ring is much more comfortable to wear once it’s on. The ring creates less friction because it covers less skin surface area. This is a particular advantage for people who are not used to wearing rings. This inside curve of the ring is very subtle and doesn’t affect the look of the ring.


The finish on your titanium ring refers to the exterior surface treatment the ring undergoes. The finish chosen enhances the design of the ring.



This information applies to all types of rings

A stuck ring can be the result of:  wearing a ring that’s too small, arthritis of joints which can happen as your body changes over the years, changes in temperature, exercise, weight gain, insect bite or trauma

Never try to remove the stuck ring forcefully as it will cause further swelling and make it even harder to remove

1.     Try to Reduce the Swelling of Skin

·         Elevate your hand overhead for 5-10 minutes

  • This should be followed by soaking your fingers in cold water (or even iced-water bath for a few minutes). This will almost immediately reduce the swelling.
  • Swelling of fingers is more pronounced in the morning, so ideally initiate the removal process in late afternoon or evening

2.     Lubricate Your Finger

  • Although reduction in swelling is fairly helpful, you can also add lubrication to facilitate the removal – for example, vaseline,  window cleaners (make sure it’s safe on skin, read the bottle first), hair conditioner/shampoo, cooking spray, soft butter, or cooking oil, soap and water, baby oil
  • Apply copious amounts of lubricant and gently move your ring sideways in rolling fashion. You may feel a little pressure or discomfort but with little persistence, you can successfully remove the ring

3.     Use Dental Floss or Tape

  • (I would like to include a youtube video but do I need to get permission first?)

Many people are concerned that, should an injury happen to your finger, a titanium ring will cause more damage than other types of rings. However:

  • Rings made from other metals, for example, silver or gold, are more likely to cause greater damage as they may crack.
  • We have been manufacturing titanium rings for 25 years and are not aware of any trauma caused involving titanium ring that has caused permanent damage, or amputation of a finger (a common misconception). We have consulted a number of Critical Care Paramedics who have a minimum of 10 years experience each and they have all confirmed this.
  • All hospitals have equipment to remove a titanium ring as titanium is used in different medical procedures such as pins in orthopaedic surgery.

If you experienced any trauma to your finger we strongly suggest you seek medical attention.

RING SIZE: Determining your ring size is one of the most important parts of ordering a custom designed titanium ring. We advise against using an online ring sizer or paper strip as these are unreliable and will not help you determine an accurate ring size.

We prefer that you visit a reputable jeweller to get your ring size. Please let the jeweller know that the ring will have a comfort fit as this might affect the size slightly. Also, let the jeweller know what width the ring will be so that they can take that into account. If you have an existing ring in the same width and fit you are planning to buy, ask the jewelers to measure the inside diameter of this ring. That way you will know exactly what size to order your new ring in.

When it comes to rings there’s no such thing as a perfect fit. The ring must be comfortable most of the time. Temperature, diet, activities, etc all affect our finger size. A good fit is when a ring fits easily over your knuckle, you should be able to get it on without struggle and then have a slight pull or twist at the knuckle when removing it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding the fit – we can refer you to one of our reliable jewellers and give you advice.