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Titanium comes from the Greek word Titans, the mythological “first sons of the Earth.”

Although it was William Gregor and Franz Joseph Muller who discovered titanium (separately) in the early 1790s, it was Martin Heinrich Klaproth who named the metal he discovered in 1795 titanium, in reference to the Titans of Greek Mythology. It wasn’t until 1932 that William Justin Kroll introduced the metal into commercial production.

Titanium jewellery manufacturers - Titanium rods before and after drilling

Titanium is the ninth most abundant metal int the earths crust. It is corrosion-resistant, strong yet lightweight and hypoallergenic. Titanium is as strong as steel but only 45% of the weight and is comparable to steel in its resistance to sawing. Which means that contrary to popular belief, a titanium ring can be cut off fingers. I fact, titanium rings are only slightly more difficult to cut off than gold rings, in cases of emergency.

Titanium is an ideal metal for jewellery as it doesn’t tarnish and is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s non-toxic to the human body.

TIJM uses titanium rods to create our rings which are cut into the desired shape and size of a ring.  Unfortunately the usual jewellery making techniques of rolling and soldering are not practical for titanium, which is why TIJM has the latest and best equipment to create rings that are distinctive and inspiring.

Not to be confused with alloying, inlays are the result of combining two or more metals in one ring.  The process of inlaying involves crushing the metals into channels, which are then trapped under pressure.  On a ring, this usually results in metals sitting side-by-side on the surface – for example, a strip of gold running through the middle of an otherwise titanium ring.  The purpose of inlays are to enable the various metals within a titanium ring to be visibly distinguishable.

Combinations of titanium and wood, silver, gold and ertalyte gives our customers the opportunity to design an innovative and exclusive ring.