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With its unique appearance and superior qualities, titanium can be finished with a polished silver colour or matte gun metal grey.

Titanium rings have been crafted into various distinguishable styles and finishes over the brief history of their development as a jewellery item.

Ring finish and width - finishes

Some styles and finishes are:

Matte finish – has a soft, semi-reflective appearance. This finish brings out titanium’s raw metallic silver-grey tone.

High polish finish – the brightest and most reflective finish available in titanium.

Sable finish – gives the appearance of soft silk.

Satin finish – has a soft brushed, lustrous appearance and has the best contrast against metal inlays and anodized colours.

Frost finish – has the appearance of being frozen – like the frozen condensation that appears on an item that has been placed in a freezer.

Sandblast – has a charcoal tone and has a somewhat rougher texture.

Hammered finish – has hand-hammered indentations giving the ring random textured facets.


Ring finish and width - widths

Titanium rings come in many widths. Depending on your personal preference, we can create your ring in any width.

The pictures to the left, give you an idea of how wide a ring could or should be.

Take into consideration if the ring is to be worn by a man or a woman, what the finger size is of the person going to be wearing the ring and what profession they are in.